started back in september 2016 with a simple philosophy, help get crown masternodes online cheap. From there we evolved to include more coins, and also build out a dashboard for users to control some aspects of their masternode. enjoyed a massive success over the following year. A few months into 2018 it became aparent that the dashboard had outgrown its use, but also the backend was causing alot of issue, so the search began for a better solution. This solution is now finally here, NodeVPS V2, a brand new panel, for controlling every aspect of your node, giving you advanced functions, at your fingertips, and if you know what your doing, you wont need to wait for support, on the other hand, if your not sure, and want the help from support, we are still there, ready to help.

The basic philosophy has still not changed, get users masternode online, cheap, while still giving great support.

currently running
800+ Nodes

Datacenters in
Lituania, Germany, France, Canada

Currently supporting
0 tokens

Cloud Hosting providers

We use different cloud providers to maximise decentralisation


We are always looking for more cloud providers to add to our node hosting services

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